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Get Ready For Spring With A New Spin On Dollar Tree's Cutting Board
If you're in the mood for a fun, floral DIY project that matches the spring's vibe, create decorative cottage-style bud vases with Dollar Tree cutting boards and a few other items.
Unveiled by TikTok user @thenestdesigns, the hack requires Dollar Tree items that can be assembled for just $5. Begin by giving the cutting boards a weathered look.
For this, apply a coat of matte black rubbed with Vaseline around the edges and in spots intended to show through. Then, add a coat of white spray paint over the top.
Wipe the top layer in certain areas and around the board's perimeter and sand down the finish. Make horizontal lines in a shiplap pattern with a straight edge and Sharpie.
Next, remove the lids from two sets of glass salt and pepper shakers and decoupage the glass with floral napkins applied with Mod Podge.
Now, wrap the shakers in the napkin neatly and evenly and cover the top and bottom edges with a few extra coats so the napkin does not come loose.
Use a hot glue gun to affix the shakers evenly spaced across the board's bottom. The shakers will keep the board standing up, so ensure the bottoms fall evenly at the base.
You can completely customize this hack to fit your aesthetic. Paint the board a different color, use different napkin designs, or leave the shakers bare to create clear vases.