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Get Your Closet & Handbags Organized With This Dollar Tree Essential
Keeping your closet organized can be hard, especially if you own several handbags. Clear up the clutter and save time looking for a specific bag by using some simple plastic hooks.
A four-pack of self-adhesive plastic hooks is $1.25 from Dollar Tree, and each hook can hold up to three pounds. (Command hooks can hold even more weight and be found on Amazon.)
Find some free wall space in your closet or any area you’re looking to organize such as a bedroom wall. Attach the hooks, leaving enough room for each bag to fit without crowding.
This hack works for small bags or wristlets and can be used to organize other fashion accessories such as belts and scarves. Use them in the shower to organize bath products, too.
Hooks are ideal for renters, as they can be easily removed. Heat the adhesive with a hair dryer and slowly remove each with a piece of floss, being careful not to remove any paint.