Dandelion weed growing between crack in concrete
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Getting Rid Of Weeds Is Impossible If You Make This Common Mistake
Weeds will keep springing up and taking over your whole lawn if you make the common mistake of not using the right weed killer or not applying it correctly.
Applying weed killer is not as simple as just spraying it onto the weeds you see. You should apply it at least twice a year, and your yard may need more than two treatments.
It can take seven to 14 days for weeds to die even after spraying them. Read the application instructions for your specific formula, and identify what it’s for before buying it.
Pre-emergent weed killer is for use on weed seeds and is only effective if you spray it before weeds actually sprout, whereas post-emergent weed killer is for use on visible weeds.
Selective weed killer is for targeting weeds near plants that you don't want to harm, as it won’t affect them. Contact weed killer is for use on annual weeds, like crabgrass.
Non-selective weed killers are used for weeds growing between concrete pavers or similar areas. They will kill any plant they come into contact with, so safeguard nearby plants.