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Give Garden Zucchini A Boost With This Popular Flowering Plant
If you're seeking to boost the health and productivity of garden zucchini, incorporating lavender as a companion plant proves to be a remarkably useful and effective strategy.
Zucchini often requires hand pollination to produce fruit. Luckily, lavender attracts a steady stream of beneficial pollinators, thus increasing the chances of natural pollination.
When interplanted, the fragrance of lavender serves as a natural deterrent against pests such as squash bugs and whiteflies, which are notorious for damaging zucchini plants.
Lavender's root system helps break up the soil, thus improving drainage and aeration. It also prevents erosion and runoff that can deplete soil nutrients and impede plant growth.
For optimal growth, it's important to maintain proper spacing between lavender and zucchini to avoid overcrowding and ensure ample sunlight and air circulation for each plant.