Raspberry plant with ripe fruits
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Give Homegrown Raspberries A Boost With 2 Companion Plants
While raspberries are relatively easier to grow than other fruits, you can further boost their growth with some companion plants, mainly herbs like alliums and chervil.
Plant strong-smelling alliums — such as garlic, chives, ramps, and shallots — alongside raspberries. Their aroma will discourage Japanese beetles from feeding on the fruits.
Additionally, the alliums will provide a fertile and healthy environment for your raspberries to thrive. Alliums also deter other scent-sensitive pests, like rabbits and deer.
Similarly, chervil is an herb with a scent that carries notes of anise, another strong odor that Japanese beetles and many other raspberry-loving pests take pains to avoid.
With an abundance of nectar, chervil also attracts pollinators that further pollinate and propagate raspberries, ensuring a fuller crop that's less prone to pests and diseases.