Pile of CDs
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Give Old CDs New Life With These Home And Garden Ideas
Mosaic Art
Make use of your CDs' characteristic iridescent coloring by cutting them into random sizes and shapes to create various mosaics, shiny art pieces, or even disco balls.
This surprisingly easy DIY only requires a CD and a clock kit, which you can get from Amazon. Simply sandwich the CD between the clock mechanism and hands and voila.
Mini Painting
CDs are small and non-absorbent, making them perfect for a quick and easy painting project. Prime and seal the final design, then use a pushpin to hang it on the wall.
Gently remove the CD’s silver layer, then use suncatcher paint to create beautiful stained glass-esque designs. Hang in sunlight using fishing wire for a radiant display.
Plant Marker
Write your plant’s name on a CD, then glue it to a stick to mark its location. The plastic CD won’t break down over time, and its silvery color makes it easy to find.