A decorated Christmas tree with gifts underneath.
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Give Your Skinny Christmas Tree A Good Fluffing With This Hack
If you’ve been using the same fake Christmas tree for a few years now, chances are that it’s begun to look skinny and scanty. Luckily, all you need is a garland to boost its volume.
According to TikTok user @mentormikayla, you’ll need a tinsel garland that’s long enough to spiral around the tree. Walmart retails a 50-foot foil garland that’s ideal for the job.
Simply wrap the garland strategically around the tree to make the illusion work. After that, you can proceed to throw on the lights, candy canes, and other decorations.
This hack will work amazingly well if the garland you buy matches the texture of your tree’s fake leaves. It might look a bit odd if the garland is shinier or duller than your tree.