A pile of old bricks on grass
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Grab Some Leftover Bricks And Paint To DIY Adorable Garden Decor
Transform an eyesore into eye-catching garden ornaments by painting a pile of leftover bricks into replicas of your favorite books that’ll add fanciful charm to your outdoor space.
To recreate TikToker @hometalk’s fun idea, you'll need bricks, a piece of cardboard, acrylic paint or spray paint, primer, a spray paint sealer, paintbrushes, and a black Sharpie.
First, clean the bricks using soap or vinegar and water, pat them dry with a cloth, then let them air dry thoroughly. Next, place them on the cardboard and apply the primer.
Paint each brick's front, back, and left side in color for the book’s cover; paint the top, bottom, and right side white for the book’s pages; then let the bricks dry completely.
Next, draw lines along the white sides with a Sharpie to simulate pages, then add detail to the colored sides to resemble a book cover. You can even duplicate actual book covers.
Cover your brick books with sealant to protect your painted designs, and let them dry thoroughly. Display them around a garden bench, in front of a shrub, or in a flower bed.