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Grab These Dollar Tree Kitchen Items
To DIY Clever Handbag Storage
As shown by TikTok user @lizfenwickdiy, two cabinet racks and two drying racks from the kitchen aisle at Dollar Tree can maximize your closet storage to hold all your handbags.
Using zip ties, scissors, and the racks, you can in 10 minutes give your closet an arrangement of slots for storing smaller purses and an open area underneath for larger bags.
To start, place your flat cabinet racks next to each other to create a long horizontal rack, and add zip ties around the inner legs where they touch to secure them together.
Next, stack the drying racks on top of the cabinet racks. Secure them by wrapping zip ties around both racks in between the last and inner slots on each side of the rack.
Lastly, take the storage unit into your closet and organize your bags. The storage unit fits every closet with a shelf, but you can set it up on the floor if your closet has none.