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Grab This Bathroom Staple To Create A Makeshift Screwdriver In
A Pinch
When you need to remove a loose screw and can’t find a screwdriver nearby, try an old toothbrush. Melting the end of your toothbrush’s handle into a mold of the screw may work.
Since melting plastic can give off unpleasant, harmful fumes, it’s best to do the melting in a well-ventilated room and consider wearing a respirator for further protection.
Even if you follow the steps correctly, there is a chance that the toothbrush will break or that the screw won't come out, but this trick still could be worth a shot in a pinch.
First, slowly melt the plastic at the base of a toothbrush’s handle with a lighter, being careful not to burn it. Hold the toothbrush over foil to catch any plastic that drips.
When the tip of the handle is soft, press it into the screw you need to remove. Allow the plastic to become firm again before carefully twisting the toothbrush to remove the screw.