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Grab This Bathroom Staple To Keep Your Gardening Tools Rust-Free
Gardening tools require regular cleaning and lubrication to ensure their blades and edges remain sharp and rust-free. An affordable solution lies in the bathroom: a bar of soap.
The detergents in bar soap are mild, making them perfect for cleaning garden tools. The waxy nature of a bar of soap is ideal for keeping your tool edges protected and rust-free.
Start by cleaning the tools with water and a scrub brush to eliminate any dirt or sap. Then, thoroughly dry them, but avoid air drying to prevent rusting.
Once dry, grab a dry bar of soap and run it along the metal edge of each gardening tool, covering the entire length of the tool, including the blade or edge on the other side.
Finally, store your tools in a dry spot in a garage, shed, or closet. This method not only extends the lifespan of the tools but also enhances their efficiency in gardening tasks.