Fruit flies on tomato slices
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Grab This Household Item And Say Goodbye To Fruit Flies For Good
Fruit fries are drawn to fresh produce and sugary foods, quickly laying thousands of eggs on decaying or overripe fruit until you end up with a maggot infestation in your home.
According to research published in the Journal of Food Research in 2018, fruit flies pose a health hazard, as they can transmit E. coli onto food, so they need to be eradicated.
If you already have an infestation, isopropyl or rubbing alcohol is effective at removing these pests. Put on some kitchen gloves and fill a spray bottle with 91% rubbing alcohol.
You can use this to spray any fruit flies you see flying around, as well as any eggs you find. The alcohol will kill both the adult fruit flies and their eggs on contact.
Even the smell of rubbing alcohol repels them, so use it to clean your countertops and trash bins, and spray it down your drains. Just don't spray it anywhere near your pets.