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Grab This IKEA Bed Frame To Grow Your Bedroom Storage
The IKEA Malm storage bed’s innovative design combines the essential function of a bed with the added benefit of storage, making it ideal for optimizing limited living space.
Everything can be tucked away right under where you sleep since the under-bed storage is perfect for those items you don’t use daily but still want within easy reach.
Ideal for minimalist layouts, this bed comes in black-brown and white and provides an organized space. Its baseboard keeps all your items off the floor, so they stay dust-free.
Use storage bins to organize items inside your bed's hidden storage and maximize available space. This bed also comes in a different design with four pull-out storage boxes.
The Malm bed’s user-friendly lift mechanism is equipped with a gas piston and spring system. Gently tug on the strap to lift the bed base to access your stored items easily.