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Grow Moth Orchids Indoors & Watch Them Thrive Without Soil
Growing indoor plants can be challenging, as there are many things to consider, such as what soil to use. However, some plants, such as the moth orchid, don’t need soil to thrive.
Using a hydroponic technique, your moth orchids can grow successfully in water mixed with minerals and a few materials, like clay pebbles or stones.
You can use three different methods for your orchids: Full-water culture, semi-water culture, and semi-hydroponic culture.
A full water culture requires some of the orchid's roots to always sit in water, while semi-water culture involves the orchid's roots sitting in the water for a few days.
Semi-hydroponic culture is similar to the other two methods. The orchid sits in the water and has a drying day, but includes adding clay pebbles or stones to the container.
Every moth orchid has different watering needs. It's crucial to pay attention to how they respond to water and adjust the levels if the flowers droop or the leaves turn yellow.
When fertilizing your orchids, add the fertilizer to the water after the plant's final drying day Since you'll change the water once a week, you only need to fertilize once weekly.