Close-up of soft pink peony flower
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Grow These Gorgeous Plants By Your Peonies For
A Garden Full
Of Color
Boxwood’s foliage stays a beautiful bright green year-round and offers small yellow flowers in February and March. Its large size will complement your peonies nicely, too.
Peonies and roses have similar care needs, and since roses flower just as the peonies’ foliage starts to fade, planting them together will lengthen your blooming season.
Add trellises for wisteria’s climbing purple vines behind your peony bushes to create a colorful and dynamic garden. Wisteria can be invasive, so take care when planting.
Easy to care for and grow, hydrangeas bloom after peonies begin to pull back, offering a splash of pink, purple, or blue in your garden from mid-spring to early autumn.
These evergreen shrubs bloom throughout the spring with some varieties flowering again in the fall, and come in various heights that will complement your peonies nicely.