Pink rose in bloom
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Grow Your Rose Flowers With This Clever Banana Peel Hack
The key to cultivating magnificent, eye-catching roses lies in embracing the hidden power of potassium-rich banana peels.
Not only do banana peels contain calcium, magnesium, and sulfur — essential minerals for robust plant growth — but they also help to stave off pests and disease.
To use banana peels as a fertilizer, just chop up the leftover peels, and place them at the base of the hole when planting, allowing nutrients to gradually release into the soil.
If your roses are already in the ground, scatter chopped peels on the soil around your mature plants — as they break down, they'll release the nutrients into the soil.
Experts advocate for moderation in this practice, with the National Garden Bureau cautioning against using more than three banana peels per rose bush.