IKEA Luröy bed slats
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Grow Your Wall Storage With This Handy IKEA Luröy Hack
If you need to maximize storage space in your home but lack the floor area, consider using an IKEA Luröy slatted bed base as a stylish and functional hanging wall organizer.
The bed base features curved slats joined by a polyester ribbon and is available in various widths, ensuring that it fits in most spaces and has plenty of room for customization.
As shown by Jenny Lynn on YouTube, once you have the bed base, decide on the length of the hanging wall organizer you want, and use scissors to cut the ribbon accordingly.
Next, paint the wood veneer your preferred color before gathering your wall mounts. Lynn used L-brackets bent at 45 degrees using a vice, but you can use whatever suits your wall.
Mount your bed slat on the wall and place items to hang on the slats, such as heels, mini potted plants, or even a family portrait. You can also use S-hooks to hang items.