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Helpful Tips To Help You Estimate The Cost Of Your Kitchen Countertops
If you want a personal estimate for installing new counters, calculate the amount of countertop space your kitchen offers and multiply it by the cost of materials you'll need.
Many contractors offer free quotes, but it can be good to do the math to see if the quoted prices are reasonable. It’s also helpful if you choose to DIY your counters.
Start by creating a rough sketch of your existing countertops. This will help you visualize the project and understand the placement of key appliances in your kitchen.
Use a tape measure to find the length of your counters, then calculate depth by measuring from the wall to where the counter stops, accounting for space taken up by the backsplash.
After you've labeled your sketch with the dimensions, multiply the length and depth of each slab separately and divide each total by 144 to convert it from inches to square feet.
Choose a countertop style and look up price estimates for your selected material online. Multiply the area of each countertop slab by the price per square foot of your material.
Predicting labor costs is more difficult since location, reputation, and experience all play a role in pricing. Typically, labor costs range from $20 to $50 per square foot.