A bird entering a birdhouse
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Here's How Big Your Birdhouse Hole Should Be
When you want to attract specific birds to your garden, it’s important to choose a birdhouse that has the right-sized hole so they can safely take up residence.
If the hole is too small, the birds you want won’t be able to enter, but wasps and bees can make a home there. If it’s too big, bullying birds can enter along with unwanted pests.
First, research what type of birds you want to attract by looking online to see what species nest in your area. Next, consult a chart to find the correct dimensions for the hole.
For example, a tufted titmouse needs a 1 ¼ inches wide hole, while a red-headed woodpecker needs 2 inches. The hole should also be 6 to 11 inches above the birdhouse’s floor.
If you’d rather buy a birdhouse, check the label and measure the hole and the overall size of the house before purchasing to ensure it can accommodate the birds you’re after.