Damaged white colored ceramic tiles
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Here's How To Properly (And Easily) Remove Ceramic Tiles
To remove ceramic tiles, you’ll need a chisel, hammer, and pry bar. Larger jobs may also require a sledge hammer, floor scraper, hammer drill, multi-tool, and an oscillating tool.
You may need to pry the baseboards loose before removing the tiles, depending on the installation or if your new flooring will be a different thickness than
the old tiles.
Use a chisel and hammer to go along the line between tiles to break the grout loose, and then pry up the ceramic. If that doesn’t work, grab a sledge hammer or hammer drill.
Once an edge is exposed, you can then use a pry bar. You will likely have mortar or adhesive stuck to the subfloor, so use a chisel and hammer to pry the hardened adhesive loose.