A blind corner cabinet is a rectangular or square cupboard that's fitted into a corner where its interior isn't fully visible when it’s open, so you can’t see part of its contents.
While a blind corner cabinet is straight, regular corner cabinets are often angled and used in L-shape or half-hexagonal layouts, usually with two-part doors and extra hinges.
Since corner cabinets need to fit into sometimes awkward spaces in a kitchen, it can be difficult to access their contents, and this is particularly true of blind corner cabinets.
With both cabinets, it’s often hard to find the best layout so you don’t end up pulling everything out to retrieve an item, but there are some user-friendly storage solutions.
One option is to use pull-out organizers that are assembled in the shape of the cabinet. They contain your items, but you can pull them out rather than having to reach in.
For L-shape or similar corner cabinets, organizers can be built in to make storage more accessible. One example is a lazy Susan, a turntable that rotates inside the cabinet.