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Here's What Makes Flamed Granite Countertops Unique
When it comes to kitchen countertops, flamed granite might be your perfect choice because it's robust enough to maintain its tactile good looks, even in the busiest living space.
Flamed granite has been subject to a high-intensity flame, and the extreme heat causes the grains in the stone to burst, resulting in its distinct, rough surface.
The process makes it more resistant to wear and tear, and better able to withstand typical kitchen stressors, such as heat, spills, heavy weights, and even sunlight.
Unlike the polished version, flamed granite’s texture makes it slip resistant, which is another safety benefit, but the downside is that the roughness makes it harder to clean.
Bear in mind that you will need to seal the stone to protect it against stains and grime, and to repel moisture, especially in damp locations or where it's subject to heavy use.
The enduring vibrancy and distinct appearance of a flamed granite surface means that — despite some drawbacks — it may be the perfect countertop for your kitchen.