Earwigs on marble surface
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Here's Why Seeing Earwigs In Your Home Is A Sign Of A Bigger Problem
Killing unsightly earwigs in your home may be tempting, but these bugs, which don’t bite or lay eggs indoors, are often a warning sign of a greater pest issue at hand: termites.
Earwigs eat decaying organic matter and are found in damp and humid hotspots such as basements and bathrooms. Their presence is a sign that there’s decaying plant matter nearby.
Seeing a large number of earwigs may mean you have a termite infestation. Termites tunnel through lumber, leaving behind holes where moisture can collect and cause the wood to rot.
Termites can feast on a home’s wood support beams, causing thousands of dollars in damage and repair. They are often out of sight, but earwigs are a visible sign they’re present.
Termites create the perfect conditions to lure earwigs into homes without other attractive spots of moisture. Take these steps to eliminate earwigs and mitigate any damage.
Check your home for moisture spots and clear them up by either removing leaf litter, using a dehumidifier, or fixing leaky pipes. Close off any crevices earwigs can come in from.
Most importantly, have a pest control professional inspect your home to determine what exactly is attracting the earwigs, and if it is termites, how to get rid of both pests.