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HGTV's Jenny Marrs Avoids These Paint Colors In The Bedroom
Jenny Marrs, expert designer and star of HGTV's "Fixer to Fabulous," emphasizes the importance of selecting appropriate paint colors for bedrooms to enhance the quality of sleep.
She shares with Homes & Gardens, "I really avoid loud paint colors and patterns in the bedroom because I want to promote a calming sensation the minute you walk into the room."
Marrs specifically advises against the use of red in bedrooms, explaining, "the color is associated with energy and social interactions — and it can raise your blood pressure."
She also recommends avoiding dark colors in bedrooms: "I always avoid painting bedrooms with extremely dark colors because they make a space feel and look and feel much smaller."
Marrs notes that darker colors tend to retain more heat than lighter ones, which can be challenging in warmer climates and impact the comfort of the sleeping environment.