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HGTV's Lyndsay Lamb Says Home Buyers Are Over This Color Trend
“Unsellable Houses” star Lyndsay Lamb is an expert on selling homes for their maximum value. As such, she recommends moving away from gray palettes in favor of warm, earth tones.
Lamb explains buyers love natural, outdoor vibes with earthy tones and plants. Gray paint is now considered dated, whereas greens, beiges, and tans are warm and welcoming.
To get the earthy look and draw in buyers, Lamb advises using a warm white base layered with wood tones of brown, tan, taupe, rust, soft blue, ochre, terracotta, and lots of green.
Quietude by Sherwin-Williams is Lamb’s favorite blue-green shade to brighten up a room. Lamb noted that buyers are more willing to take risks with bold colors than in the past.