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HGTV's Lyndsay Lamb Says This Boho Decor Trend Isn't Going Anywhere
“Unsellable Houses” star Lyndsay Lamb is a huge fan of macrame pieces and believes that the crafting technique is the key to nailing the bohemian look in a very modern way.
Lamb also dedicated an Instagram post to some of the macrame pieces from Sepideco, which she used on her show, saying that they “absolutely TIED” their “boho ranch style together.”
While macrame artworks are coming back in style, their long history certainly lends itself to timelessness. Luckily, you can adopt the boho trend while staying within your budget.
Although the Sepideco designs Lamb brought attention to retail from $90 to $700, the Seattle-based brand offers less expensive pieces for as cheap as $30.
Altneratively, Mkono sells several, large macrame pieces for less than $30 on Amazon. You can also create your own macrame using the make-your-own kit on Amazon for just $11.99.