Toilet paper rolls stacked
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Hide Toilet Paper Out Of Sight But Within Reach With This Smart Solution
Toilet paper rolls stacked a mile high in the bathroom can look quite unaesthetic. So, to store them more neatly yet within easy reach, build a recessed storage compartment.
While it's not the most DIY-friendly or renter-friendly option for toilet paper storage, it's a great way to add extra storage in your bathroom without compromising its appearance.
If you want to embark on this project, YouTuber Toai Lon recommends starting by sawing and structuring all of your wood. Build your ideal shelf before putting it on the wall.
Two shelves should be the perfect size for optimal toilet paper storage. Once satisfied with your structure, iron out and sand the connected wood slabs to get the perfect shape.
Ensure no excess wood pieces are hanging off the sides, as they can scrape the wall or not fit properly. Next, paint the shelf your preferred color or match the bathroom's decor.
Now, align the shelf with the wall you'd like to cut through, cut out a square using a handsaw or a power saw, and slide the shelf in. Apply screws with a drill or screwdriver.