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Hide Your Fridge With This Clever Wood Panel Trick
According to TikTok user @themerrythought, you can easily and aesthetically conceal your fridge with the help of wooden panels, an integrated fridge door slide kit, and brackets.
It is important to note that this hack won’t work if your fridge has a water or ice dispenser on the outside, as the wood panels would block them.
Start by removing handles and attaching wood panels to the surrounding frame of your fridge, ensuring they open on the same side as the refrigerator’s hinges.
Then, use the parts in the slide kit to attach the brackets to your refrigerator door. Next, attach the slides to the wood paneling before securing your fridge door to it.
If your freezer is a drawer, use corner braces to attach a wooden panel to it. If it is a door, connect the wood panel to the frame following the same process as the fridge door.