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Hide Your Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit With These 5 Ideas
Screen Frame
Use lattice screen frames to hide the outdoor air conditioning unit. Build three rectangular frames, and use a staple gun to attach lattices to fit inside them.
Then, attach the three sides with brackets, hinges, or zip-ties. Set the frame at least 12 inches away from the condenser on all sides, so it has plenty of air circulation.
Wooden Slats
Build a wood screen with 2x4 boards to hide an air conditioner. Use untreated wood, paint it, and attach it to spikes so the frame doesn't sit directly on the ground.
For a more aesthetic appeal, make a screen by attaching each of the boards at an angle to form a louver. This design also allows for great air flow around the condenser.
Plant Containers
Buy or build plant containers that make beautiful screens for hiding air conditioning units. Since a condenser blows hot air, keep your plants 2-3 feet away.
Buy containers large enough to hold several types of plants, with taller plants in the back and plants that fill out and spill over the edges on the container's sides and front.