Pile of jumbled up shoes
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Hide Your Shoes With This Customizable DIY Storage Solution
TikToker @the_ideadad installed a hidden push-drawer slide underneath his entryway cabinet to store shoes out of sight. It’s affordable, simple to build, and easy to use once done.
To make it, you’ll need a suitable entryway cabinet, a measuring tape, a nail gun, a pencil, a saw, three or four wood boards, drawer slides from Home Depot, a drill, and screws.
@the_ideadad made a space beneath his entryway cabinet by raising it higher on the wall and removing the kick plate to give him enough room to build the drawer and fit the shoes.
To build the drawer, measure your cabinet space, then use the measurements to cut the drawer's sides and base. Next, build the frame, attaching all of the sides with a nail gun.
Screw on the slide rails that let the drawer slide in and out, attach the connecting slide rails in the space under the cabinet, slide the drawer into position, and add your shoes.