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Home Depot Has A Tool That Lets You DIY In The Dark
Home Depot offers a practical solution for DIY enthusiasts who need to work in low-light conditions with the Handy Brite Ultra-Bright LED 8.35 inch Yellow Cordless Work Light Lamp.
Priced under $10, this portable and versatile work light can stand on its own or be hung from a swivel hook, ensuring that both hands remain free for more important work.
The lamp is equipped with bright LEDs that emit 500 lumens — equivalent to a high-quality reading light — making it ideal for detailed tasks and even useful during power outages.
It operates on three AA batteries, providing mobility without the need for cords, though the absence of rechargeable batteries might lead to additional costs if used frequently.
While the light is made from cheap materials that might break if dropped or hit, its performance has earned it a high user rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on the Home
Depot website.