Shelves storing jars of ingredients and spices in kitchen corner
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How A Dollar Tree Cutting Board Can Expand Your Kitchen Storage
If you're on a budget yet require additional storage space in your kitchen, you can use bamboo cutting boards, available at Dollar Tree for $1.25 each, to build a DIY storage box.
Remove the outer packaging and line up the edges of each board to create a square, essentially recreating a box shape. Sand the edges so they adhere better when glued.
Apply glue to each edge and hold them together until they adhere. Repeat the process, adding another square underneath, until all your boards make up cubes stacked on one another.
Place this storage box on the counter or wall, and use each cube to store kitchen items, such as salt and pepper, jars of spices, or ornaments. You could even display houseplants.
You can customize the hack to add your own shelving inside each cube, or paint the unit so it matches the room's decor. You should be able to put it together for about $12.50.