Shower curtain hanging from a metal rod
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How A Simple Shower Curtain Can Help
Warm Your Home During Cold Months
Hanging textiles or decorative blankets on walls and windows can help keep heat in and cold out, but you can go a step further and seal a drafty window using a shower curtain.
For this hack, you’ll need a clear, thick-gauge plastic shower curtain, which should cost less than $20. Bear in mind that this will stop the natural air flow around the window.
Cut the shower curtain to size so that it covers the window and frame completely, then hold it taut and attach it to the woodwork using a staple gun. Taping it will also work.
To cover the edges of the shower curtain, you could add a garland or make creative use of any other material you have on hand, then rehang your regular curtains if you have them.
Remember that all rooms need some ventilation to prevent dampness, which can lead to mold. Extractor fans, dehumidifiers, and open windows can address this issue.