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How Aluminum Foil Can Fix A Loose Vinyl Floor Tile
Vinyl floor tiling is a durable and low maintenance choice, but if a tile does come loose, the unsightly gap will attract moisture and dirt and could damage your subfloor.
Luckily, you can repair a loose vinyl tile without removing it. All you need is some aluminum foil, a clothes iron, and some heavy objects, such as bricks, wood blocks, or books.
Clean the area thoroughly with a damp cloth or vacuum before you start, then grab your clothes iron — which you’ll use to warm the tile adhesive — and set it to a medium heat.
Lay the foil over the area to protect the vinyl from being melted or discolored by the heat, and then glide the iron over the foil with reasonable pressure for about a minute.
While the adhesive is still warm and flexible, place the heavy weight on top to hold the tile firmly in place and expel any air bubbles. Leave it to dry for about eight hours.
If there’s extensive peel-off, you’ll need to remove the old glue first by warming it and using paint thinner. Then, apply the new adhesive and glue and weight it in place.