A jar of baking soda next to a spoon
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How Baking Soda Can Solve Your Home's Humidity Problem
While there can be multiple causes of increased humidity in your home, the response is the same: You need to get rid of the moisture quickly.
Luckily, there is a pantry staple that is a cost-effective solution to remove moisture. Baking soda can pull water from the air into its particles, the same way it absorbs smells.
You may need to disperse a lot of it around your home’s biggest problem areas to be effective. Pour the powder into several bowls and put them in the dampest rooms.
Depending on how humid and large the space is, you can distribute two to six bowls throughout a single area. Once the powder hardens, toss it out and replace it.
If you have pets, it’s a good idea to cover the bowls with cotton cloths or place them higher up to curb their curiosity and prevent spillage.