Cleaning dirty floor tile grout with sponge
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How Carpet Cleaner Could Be Getting Your Tile Grout Clean & Bright
If you thought scrubbing tile grout and getting less than satisfactory results was just your fate, try Resolve carpet cleaner. You’ll be amazed how it brightens your grout.
Resolve isn’t just for removing pet stains — it’s surprisingly successful at cleaning dirty tile grout and is a cost-effective alternative to buying a specialized grout cleaner.
Apply the Resolve foam or spray carpet cleaner generously to your grout, let it sit for a few moments, then scrub it with a brush (or use the Resolve Brushing Kit, if you have it).
Next, wipe away the shampoo residue and mop your floor with your usual floor cleaner. Repeat this process preferably once every month to keep your tiled floors looking pristine.