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How Clothespins
Can Keep Your Plants In Your Garden Organized
Keeping track of all your plants can be tricky, especially if they're young and haven't yet grown fruits. For easy plant identification, turn classic clothespins into markers.
This hack comes from Nicole Gainey on TikTok, who took thrifted clothespins and labeled them with plant names before sticking them into the soil next to the respective plants.
You can write the name on the clothespin with a Sharpie or Artline paint marker, which is made for outdoor use and is more durable. Then, add a layer of Mod Podge outdoor sealer.
The classic-styled clothespin isn't a must, so pick a size that suits your needs. Larger gardens and handwriting benefit from larger clothespins but smaller would work, too.
If you're making a color-coded system, you can opt for smaller sizes that come in fun colors without worrying about fitting your handwriting onto the small space.