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How Home Town Stars Ben And Erin Napier Keep A Bedroom Private
Privacy is an issue when a first-floor bedroom is by the entryway and people keep passing by. So, stars of HGTV's Home Town, Erin and Ben Napier, came up with a stylish solution.
When renovating a home built in 1906, the Napiers put the main bedroom downstairs by the front door, per Realtor. To avoid any awkward intrusions, they built a secret entrance.
They covered the wall and bedroom door with beautiful blue paneling, so anyone who doesn't know that there's a door behind it is likely to walk right past it.
"When you walk into a house, it should be intuitive which direction a guest is supposed to walk. This is helping them figure out [where] to go," Erin Napier explained to Realtor.
The Napiers demonstrated how to push open part of the wall to reveal a hidden door leading into the bedroom — a fitting feature for a mysterious historic home (via Discovery Plus).