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How IKEA's Boaxel Will Revolutionize Your Shoe Storage
Whether you store your shoes in the bedroom, entryway, or mudroom, you can turn the IKEA Boaxel wardrobe into the perfect storage solution for all your sneakers, heels, and boots.
The Boaxel comes in neutral white, measures 79 inches high, and attaches to a wall. It has six storage compartments, so you can separate your shoes into useful categories.
Affordable Boaxel mesh storage baskets are made of powder-coated steel, so they hold their shape, are easy to clean, and can be customized with spray paint if you like.
Each basket is about 6 inches deep, so you can fit a lot of shoes in each. If you need extra storage, you can purchase additional baskets separately, as well as brackets for them.
For ankle or knee boots that take up more space, add some open Boaxel shelves into your unit. You can also stagger your baskets and shelves to accommodate different shoe heights.