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How Lavender Can Banish Silverfish From Your Home
For Good
If you have silverfish, lavender may be your new best buddy. Due to the potency of its main ingredient, linalool, lavender is an effective repellent for
a variety of pests.
Linalool is a terpene alcohol found in various plants and flowers. This compound takes action against the nervous systems of the silverfish, rendering your spaces uninhabitable.
Simply add 10–15 drops of the lavender essential oil to a cup of water in the spray bottle. Give it a good shake, and just like that, your homemade repellent is ready to go.
Spritz the mixture directly onto surfaces, or soak cotton wool balls and place them in the affected areas. Shake the bottle before each use to keep the oils distributed.
You can also use lavender sachets. Just fill small pouches with dried lavender and place them in your drawers, closets, or other silverfish-prone zones.