A squirrel standing behind a stone.
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How Mint Can Prevent Squirrels From Burrowing In Your Yard
Squirrels can eat your plants, vegetables, and tree bark, and dig up holes around your garden to hide their food stash for the winters. Luckily, you can use mint to deter them.
The science behind planting mint or using mint essential oil is that its scent is strong enough to keep squirrels away. However, the essential oil can pose harm to kids and pets.
Planting mint, especially peppermint, is a popular and safer choice. It is important to note that mint is an invasive plant and can take over your garden if you’re not careful.
You can also create a repellent spray by adding the essence of any mint oil to water or white vinegar before spraying the solution around your garden and yard.
Soaking cotton balls in the mint spray and placing them in the squirrel-prone areas in your yard is another effective way to deter them. Remember to re-soak them as required.
Another method is to dry out the leaves of your mint plant for about two weeks, and use those to create closed sachets of potpourri, which can then be placed around your yard.