Close-up of silverfish
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How One Silverfish Could Lead To A Much Bigger Pest Problem
An infestation of silverfish isn't always noticeable, so if you see one, there could be more throughout the house. Silverfish are prolific multipliers, so you need
to act fast.
Silverfish don't carry diseases or bite but can get into your dry food containers as well as destroy clothing, insulation, and paper, such as photographs, books,
or wallpaper.
If you find bite marks or holes in your pantry food, wallpaper, or boxes of items stored in dark areas, like your attic or basement, silverfish might have settled into your home.
They also leave yellow stains on fabric. Since they molt, you might find their shed skin lying around the house as well as small black pellets that look like peppercorns.
You may deter silverfish by using cinnamon, citrus oils, or lavender oil or by drying out their hideouts with a dehumidifier, but if you have an infestation, call an exterminator.