Two boxelder bugs
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How Sage Can Protect Your Home From Unwanted Boxelder Bugs
As an aromatic herb from the mint family, sage releases a strong scent when its leaves are crushed, thanks to the potency of
its active compounds —
linalool and estragole.
These substances function as fumigants, repellents, and insecticides. Several studies validate that these compounds have attributes that boxelder bugs find intolerable.
To use sage against boxelder bugs, plant sage in your garden around the perimeter of your home, creating a natural barrier that keeps these pests at bay.
For the bugs inside the house, boil dried sage
in water until the liquid darkens and strain it into a spray bottle. Add some sage essential oil if you want a stronger solution.
Once the mixture cools, spray the areas where the bugs congregate and their potential entry points. Alternatively, place fabric pouches filled with dried sage around your home.