Old cooking pots with lids
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How To DIY Custom Storage For Your Entry By Reusing Old Pot Lids
Instead of buying stylish wall hooks from retailers, repurpose a few discarded pot lids to create cute and rustic hooks and hanging loops for your doorway for little to no cost.
Hang the lids individually on the wall, or affix their metal bases to a piece of wood. To hang them alone, add a nail to the wall and rest the lip of the pan lid on it.
Alternatively, use hot glue to affix the pans' perimeter to a wooden board, or add some more screws with a drill to the pot's center near the handle to attach them to the board.
If the lid has a deep recess, build your wood out with a block in the lid's center to attach the screws more securely. For shallower lids, you can glue thick magnets to the wood.
You can then leave the wood as is or paint it to create a shabby chic style. You can also paint the lids or replace plain lid handles with glass knobs.
For an organized entryway, place the pot holder hooks on the wall of a mudroom or door alcove that needs a little whimsy and more spots to hang coats, bags, and other accessories.