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How To Easily Clean Out Your Dryer Vent Without Calling The Pros
TikToker @jmg8tor, or Gator, enlightens us on how to clean a dryer vent with a cleaning brush kit that uses your drill's power to clean the vent.
With his kit, one end attaches to a drill, and the other end is a brush. These kits typically include flexible rods that, when connected, extend your brush 30 to 40 feet.
Simply turn on your dryer, remove the vent cover, run the brush through with the drill in forward gear (never reverse), run it back out, and put the cover back on.
If your dryer vent is on the roof, work from inside the house. Start by pulling the dryer out, then disconnect the vent pipe and run the drill brush through the vent.
Reconnect the dryer and turn it on to blow out the lint. While you might pull a lot of lint into the house, Gator's approach is painless enough to do it frequently.