Lots of clean empty Mason jars
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How To Get Clutter-Free Kitchen Cabinet Organization Using Mason Jars
Mason jars are perfect for neatly storing and organizing your kitchen essentials. Since they come in so many different sizes, there’s a jar for anything you need to organize.
You can buy Mason jars at most grocery stores or on Amazon in various sizes suitable for different storage purposes. You can also reuse old glass jars you’ve got lying around.
Use a small jar to hold your toothpicks and larger jars for utensils, like spatulas and serving spoons, or baking supplies, such as piping bags, sprinkles, and muffin tin liners.
Storing dry goods, like flour, sugar, or pasta, in Mason jars makes it harder for weevils to get to them. Label the jars and store your most-used items at the front of the shelves.
Mason jars are ideal for storing loose items like your roasting twine. Just make a hole in the jar’s lid and place the roll of twine inside with the end sticking out of the hole.