A high powered lawn mower on grass represents the responsibilities of home ownership: upkeep, maintenance, and attention to detail.
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How To Properly Clean Your Lawn Mower From Top To Bottom
Neglecting lawn mower upkeep can shorten its lifespan, so regular cleaning is crucial. You'll need a hose, a wrench, a putty knife, a wire brush, oil, a rag, and safety gear.
To start, disconnect your mower's spark plug, empty the fuel tank, remove the blade, and scrape the deck with a putty knife. Then rinse the underside with a hose and let it dry.
Inspect the blade for wear and use a wire brush to remove rust and debris. Sharp blades ensure clean cuts, so sharpen or replace your blade if necessary.
You should also check the air filter to prevent engine strain and ensure optimal performance. Tap out or replace paper filters and wash and dry foam filters.
Clean the battery terminals to improve reliability and prevent misfires. Consult the manual for lubrication points, and apply oil sparingly to wheels, axles, and pivots.
Reassemble components securely and wash the exterior gently with soapy water and cloth, avoiding electrical parts. Dry thoroughly to prevent corrosion.