Hand selecting button on dryer's panel
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How To Properly Use Your Dryer's Steam Setting
Failing to use the dryer's steam setting properly is something pretty much everyone gets wrong when doing laundry. Luckily, mastering this setting is easy.
Simply locate the steam setting on your dryer's button panel. The exact location depends on your dryer model, so refer to your user manual for more information.
This often-overlooked setting distributes steam into the dryer drum, helping your clothes remain free of wrinkles while also fighting odor and reducing static.
Aside from protecting your clothes against wrinkles, dryers with this feature are also handy when you want to sanitize your clothes or when you can't immediately unload your dryer.
The steam dryer’s wrinkle-prevention cycle tosses your clothes in steam after drying is complete until you are able to retrieve them, so you won’t have to iron them after.