Birds perched on a white birdhouse
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How To Safely DIY A Wooden Birdhouse For Your Yard
TikTok woodworker Leah Houghtaling (@leahhoughtalingww) has shared invaluable tips for crafting a DIY wooden bird nesting box that is both safe and welcoming for your yard.
The process kicks off with selecting the right plan for the bird species you aim to attract, using resources like NestWatch to find plans tailored to your region
and habitat.
Key construction advice includes opting for untreated wood of at least ¾ inch thickness and galvanized screws of the right length to prevent corrosion and avoid injuring the birds.
It is crucial to ensure the birdhouse has adequate drainage and ventilation, along with a sloped roof that extends at least 2 inches over the edges for
rain protection.
Perches should be avoided since they benefit predators more than the birds. Additionally, scoring the interior walls of the birdhouse will help the avian guests climb out.
To keep predators at bay, consider installing the birdhouse on a smooth metal or PVC pole and equipping it with a stovepipe baffle, cone-shaped collar, or a hardware cloth tunnel.