An L-shaped bath shower in a tiny bathroom.
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How To Save Bathroom Space By Installing L-Shaped Shower Bath
The right shower-bath combo is crucial for any bathroom to have more free space — and for a tiny bathroom you want to pack luxury into, an L-shaped shower bath is second to none.
L-shaped shower baths curve at their end, which makes them look like an L. With an L-shaped tub, you won’t have to worry about being pressed for space and comfort during a shower.
This is because L-shaped shower baths, unlike regular rectangle ones, give you extra room in the shower part of the bath without taking a lot of space away from the walkable area.
Put the shower head on either of the two walls surrounding the tub or overhead. To avoid splashes on the floor, encase at least the exposed part of the L with double-hinged panels.
Tucking L-shaped tubs snugly into the corner of your bathroom is perfect for saving space, and it will also give the room a custom-fitted feeling, adding some luxury to the space.
Moreover, the bath's distinctive shape keeps the center of the bathroom open and airy, even if it's placed in a tight room — which makes it ideal for small bathrooms.